Sunday, February 18, 2007

We Are Moving!

Hey guys, we will be moving this website to its own domain at This offers me more freedom to do what I want with the space and lets me put up a forum for discussions. Hope to see you all there starting February 20th, 2007. Oh yeah, and help support the new site!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Update on the Tunnels!

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good winter break. Happy holidays and make sure u hit the mountains. From the comments I've recieved and from other feedback here are a few things that I think I did not cover in my tunnels article. For one, I want to dispel one myth that the tunnel in front of the Main Gym has been blocked of. Thats not true, cause thats exactly what people told me when I first tried it. Its best summed up by the following comment -"The entrance in front of Main Gym is NOT sealed. It is just very heavy and in order to open it you gotta use a wedge like a branch or something to gain leverage. You probably need 2 people, 1 to lift and the other to control the wedge. Then you slide the cover in the direction of the gym (west) - this is to manipulate it in such a manner so that the chain doesn't stop you from getting in. Have fun everyone and don't let a little work stop you from gettin in!" I can back that up since I been in there rite before we went home.
Secondly, on the matter of why the tunnels were built, I think this pretty much sums it up -"the assertion that the tunnels served a security or anti-riot purpose is admittedly ancient (I started at UCSD in 1984). The truth, while far less alluring, at least gives some indication of the dangers involved before one descends. The tunnels were built for running utilities around the campus as it existed when built, and always has been used in that capacity. There are high pressure steam and water pipes, electricity, network, and telecom cables, and alarms all over the place. Unless they have changed a lot since I was student (doubtful), keeping those things in mind, the tunnels are perfectly safe, if increasingly hard to enter. I went about dozen times or more during my student days."
As for security down ther, I have heard that there are motion detectors down there but they are big and easy to avoid. I will make sure I update the map with the location of these devices in the near future as soon as I get back.
Finally as for tunnel experiences, anonymous got it right "I'm not gonna lie, I've boned countless chicks down in the tunnels and the ambient heat of the elaborate pipes coupled with the musty smell of asbestos and dust creates a heavenly aura unmatched by anything I've experienced to date." Peace.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Revelle Anchor

Most people in Revelle have already heard about the anchor, yet I think it deserves a post. The anchor is located right behind Argo and Blake halls which are directly facing York Hall. Its a remnant of one of the first warships to dock at San Diego. The thing about it though is that you are free to spray paint it anything you want it to say. Frats have little turf battles over it all the time and one of my friends pledging had to hold it down freshman year. He would be out there at 3 in the morning spraying it. So if you feel extra special today and would like to share the love, go out there, any time of day and tag that anchor with some hearts. Personal contribution was a neat little marijuana leaf, bottom right, on the base. Doubt its still there though.

Where: Behind Blake and Argo Hall, In front of Plaza cafe

? - for the complete college experience

ps- just shaved my beard today, had that baby going for 3 months. so take a moment.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Full Moon Drum Circle

I just got back from the drum circle that happens at blacks beach and a couple of other beaches along the pacific coast every full moon. A couple of us were just returning from having watched Borat and 'The Prestige' and on our way back we met this one dude who asked us for directions to blacks beach at the stoplight. We gave him directions and as we were driving away I realized that it was for the drum circle that was happening that night at blacks beach. My buddy, Lee and I decided to go to it cause we had heard so much about it from friends from OB but had never really been to it. This time luckily it coincided with the weekend and so we thought the crowd would be extra big. On our way there we stopped and bought some chips and water. As we walked down to Black's beach we weren't sure what to expect. If you remember, it was really foggy on Saturday and we were pretty baked so everything just seemed incredibly surreal as we walked down the path to the beach. As we were walking down we saw a good number of people walking the other way and we thought we missed as it was about 1 am by then. Luckily one girl told us that it went from 6 pm all the way to about 8 the next morning. As we headed further down we lit another joint but the weed was too fresh and didn't really remain lit so that was a bummer and even though we were pretty close to the beach we couldn't really hear any drums . We got down and since it was incredibly foggy could probably see about 100 yards down the beach. There was one, good sized bonfire going and a couple of other smaller ones around it. We didn't really see or hear drums just a couple of kids drinking beers and smoking. Personally I was disappointed but we decided to stick around. We went over to a group of guys and asked if we could join them for a couple of hits. They said they were about to drop some salvia but they had a piece with so much resin that it would probably get us high. We took a couple of hits but it didn't really do much. We then watched them smoke the salvia and for the next fifteen minutes or so we watched them crawl all over the sand, one of them started digging furiously at this point and shouted that he had found the hole to another universe, one much higher than the one we belonged and said if we helped him we would be there by morning. Wasn't feeling this, so we left them and walked a little down the beach until we heard a drum. We walked towards the sound and saw one dude sitting on a beach playing an African bongo. He had to have some weed so we asked if we could buy some off of him. He flatly refused but said we could take a couple of hits with him. Over the next forty five minutes we got high of a zucchini that we used to smoke out of. We talked to the guy, Kenny, who said he was about 40 and had been smoking for about 29 years. Kenny said he grew up around the beach in OB and had been on every drug except the needle. The guy said he had dropped acid 'a couple of hundred times' and that he got the best 'visuals' on about 15 hits of acid, some yay, a couple of joints, some DMT and a little bit of crack. Obviously in the hands of a professional, we didn't say much, preferring to hear more of his exploits. It was now about 2:30 am and we were just thinking of heading back when this guy with a beer walks up and asks for a cigarette. He told us the real circle was happening about 15 minutes down the beach. So we followed Kenny down the beach and as we got closer we finally heard the drums. By relative standards the crowd wasn't huge but there were at least a couple of hundred (~300)people there. Right under the cliff there were about 30 drummers playing in front of a huge bonfire surrounded but lots of dancing hippies. Around there were tents and large groups of people just sitting around in circles, high on their drug of choice enjoying the music. We walked up to the main fire and managed to squeeze our way to the front. There were a good number of moderately good looking hippie chicks (if thats your thing) dancing round it. There were a couple of old men too, presumably daddies that have been around since the 60s. We then met mountain bob. Meet bob if you make it. We then went and joined another circle where some jane was passed around again. Mind you, we did not pay for any weed the entire night. We just sat around and listened to a guy in an incredibly colorful tie and dye shirt sing songs about his mushroom couch and greenhouse closet. Kenny had said that the full moon would officially be at 7:48 am right when the moon was about to 'set' and thats when the ceremony would peak. We didn't really stick around that late and left around 5:30 am. I thought it was an awesome experience and was a good change from the standard frat party. It was a random group of people, congregating for a good time under the full moon. Not all the people there chose to smoke or get intoxicated at all, we met a couple of people just there to enjoy the rhythm on a beautiful beach at night. So mark the next full moon on the calender and make sure you go to this thing at least once. I did take a couple of pictures but I think it would be unfair to ruin it for you because you have experience it first hand to enjoy it.

where - Black's Beach

when - Every full moon, 6 pm to 6 am

? - for the complete college experience.

Additional Info for the Drum Circle

2006 marks the start of our 13th year of circling at Black's Beach for the Full Moon. The first one was held in January 1994.

The full moon circle in San Diego starts shortly before sunset. A circle will happen at the base of the cliffs somewhere on the beach starting approximately one hour before sunset.

A Message From The San Diego Rainbow Family Focalizers

DRUMMERS: If we ask for the drumming to stop, please respect our request. We are asking you to stop drumming so we can deal with a person who is being aggressive, violent, or causing a problem we need to deal with collectively. Please hold the silence until we resolve the problem. RAINBOW IS A TOTALLY FREE EVENT. All peaceful people are welcome. Plug in, this is your drum circle. You make it beautiful. The more you give to the gathering, the more the gathering gives to you.

It has long been a Family tradition to discourage alcohol at a gathering. Our children (that’s all of us) need a safe and unthreatening place to celebrate. Alcohol energy can easily threaten. We respect a person’s right to drink, but the Rainbow Gathering is a peace and prayer sanctuary, not a booze party. Please leave it at home.
Please don’t throw cigarette butts on the beach. Swim with a friend. Be careful, people die on these cliffs every year. Share yourself and your dreams with your family! Please respect our Gathering by not abusing drugs or using alcohol on the site. Please think twice about sharing mind altering substances with people you don't know. Everyone reacts differently to different substances and if you don't know the person, you can't tell how they will react. Please don't share, unless you’re prepared to share yourself as well.

We take care of ourselves by talking in a circle and finding solutions that meet the needs of everyone. The circle is what makes the Rainbow. We council on the beach starting one hour before sunset. Please join us and speak your mind! No experience is necessary. We need your ideas!!!

Shanti Sena (peace keepers) Rap
Everybody is a peacekeeper. If we don’t stay aware of what is going on with people around us, and don’t offer aid, trouble can erupt into violence and injury. Offer your help in easing conflict, rapping with folks who are being disrespectful to the gathering, and if you see something that isn’t right, ask the drummers to stop playing so all of us can address the problem.

Clean Up
Clean up begins the moment you arrive. Don’t throw trash on the ground and then you won’t have to pick it up. Take your own trash home with you. Pick up trash left by less conscious folks. Carry a bag of garbage up the hill when you leave. PACK IT IN!!! PACK IT OUT!!!

Welcome Home
The crew at the top of the cliffs is there to welcome our family home. PLUG IN! Share information on how the gathering works and make some new friends. Bring juice and fruit for the crew to share with the family. Take your turn at welcome home and share hugs and info with your family. If we welcome our family home in a loving way, the energy at the circle will stay loving.

Upcoming dates are:
All times are based on
San Diego Time Zone either Standard or Pacific Daylight Savings time as observed by California.

Monday, December 4th (Moon is full at 4:25 PM)

The method we use to determine the full moon is based on the actual minute that the moon gets full (Pacific Time). If the moon gets full at 4 am, we meet the night before. If the moon gets full at 4 pm, we meet later at sunset. Sometimes it's hard to call, so check here for the exact date. Links to full moon schedules are at the bottom of this page.

It's your job to bring firewood - please bring natural untreated firewood - no nails, paint, etc. If everyone brings one piece there will be enough to last the night.

Except when weather conditions warrant a top of the cliffs council, council happens one hour before sunset on the beach. No experience necessary. When the circle starts with loving focused energy, the entire night tends to stay loving and focused. Support your family by showing up for the council on the beach. Introduce yourself to others, share knowledge about Rainbow in general and the circle at Black's in particular.

DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO CALL THE CIRCLE. IT IS YOUR JOB TO CREATE A COMMUNITY BY HOLDING A CIRCLE. Remember-- if we ask the drumming to stop, we do so because we have a situation that requires the attention of all to maintain peace and safety. Please respect the circles. Please move out side your comfort zone and make friends with someone you don't know. Remember no one is in charge. We need to make decisions together. If something's happening that you don't like, call a circle and see what other people think.

General Information

Dress warm. Bring wood. Bring something to share and create music, dance, love, peace. Don't take wood along the trail -- it is being used to maintain the trail from the top of the cliffs down to the beach. Bring trash bags - pack it in - pack it out. You are the clean up crew. Pick up all trash on the beach and along the road in - let's leave the beach and the surrounding areas cleaner than we found them.

DIRECTIONS: From I-5, exit Gennessee Avenue, go west to the top of the hill. Turn left on North Torrey Pines Scenic Road. Turn right at Salk Institute/Glider Port. Drive to the end of the paved road and park. Ask the welcome home crew about the parking rules.

Rainy Day Info

If it has rained in the last four or five days or if it seems like it might rain the day of the full moon or early the following morning, we usually hold council on top of the cliffs to plan a strategy. The cliffs are very dangerous during or shortly after a rain and in fact the cliffs are most likely to collapse 3-5 days after a heavy rain. If we don't gather at Black's, we often go to South Shores - weather permitting. Take I-5 south to Sea World Drive. Exit west and turn right at the South Shores Boat Launch. But if you want to participate in creating a plan, be at the council, top of the cliffs, starting one hour before sunset when it's a rainy day or on the beach if it's not a rainy day.

Misc. Info

Take more out then what you came with!

Please bring warm clothing so the pit area will be open for dancers. Feel free to cuddle with a friend for warmth. Bring drinking water musical instruments, munchies. bubbles, towels (if you think your going to swim). A back pack is a good item. A flash light etc. And an open mind and peace in your heart.

Please respect our beautiful environment. Put your butts in your pockets (if you don't have a pocket find a kind friend who does). Haul your own trash plus..., and please don't bring alcohol.

Parking is permitted on Torry Pines Scenic Dr. 'till 2am. And one day parking permits are available at UCSD for $3.00 except on holidays. And weekends its free.

When Circle is called, get up and join hands and focus on the words of whomever is speaking (respect). This is a good time to make appropriate announcements, share concerns, extend hello-s and good-byes. Join us in the OM and a nice big "We Love You!!" at the end of the Circle.

Check the dates for yourself. Some links shows full moons based on Universal Time. For Pacific Daylight Time subtract 7 hours from UTC and for Pacific Standard Time subtract 8 hours from UTC.

Some links to sites that show the moons:

US Naval Observatory Moon Phases in Universal Time

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Photo tour of the Graffiti Tunnels

Who would think....

Doors of Perception



Observation is the key to man's innovation

Decades of expression

Stairway to high

Sex machine

'Pain is weakness leaving the body'

Friday, October 27, 2006

Photo Tour of Che Cafe

Took a couple of pictures last night. Most of the graffiti pictured here is in the inner courtyard. Great kickback to the seventies. Recently, I've heard that the school is trying to shut Che and other student run co-ops down. They have lists of ways you can help out on Che cafe's website.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Visualizations! Ideas?

Probably tomorrow I will try and head out on a picture run to see if I can get pics of everything I've posted so far and maybe a couple for my future posts. Now that I'm reaching 500 people a day, if anyone is in on places, ideas, myths etc. I haven't heard of yet, please post them as a comment and I promise I will put it up. With your name if you like it that way. I've removed restrictions on comments so you don't have to register to post comments. Check back for pictures tomorrow.

UCSD Veggie Patch

This isn't really a spot that people may be missing out on, but since most people have never heard about it I though it required a mention. UCSD has its own little garden on campus and a good part of the fruits and vegetables available in the dining halls come from here. They grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The last time I made a trip there, there were carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches etc. I tasted a couple though I'm not sure if you are allowed to. Check it out sometime, and maybe if its the right time of year you might find some fruit. The gardener is this really chill dude and he answers most of your questions. The guy knows a lot so if you have questions bout that garden in your closet fire away. The last time I was there, there was a hammock and a few benches. Guerrilla.

Where is it -

Its right behind Che Cafe. If you take the little path that leads from the parking lot in front of Che and follow it to the back, it should lead you directly into the gardens.